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Olympus Tough TG-6 Action Camera, 12 Mégapixels, Stabilisation d'Image Numérique, 4x Zoom Grand Angle, Vidéo 4K, 120fps, Wi-Fi, noir

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  • Étanche jusqu'à 15 m
  • Résistant à la poussière et aux chocs jusqu'à 2, 1 m, à l'écrasement jusqu'à 100 kg, au froid jusqu'à -10°C
  • L'objectif ultra-lumineux apporte une excellente qualité d'image

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Olympus Tough TG-6 Action Camera, 12 Mégapixels, Stabilisation d'Image Numérique, 4x Zoom Grand Angle, Vidéo 4K, 120fps, Wi-Fi, noir

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L'Olympus Tough TG-6 résiste à toutes les conditions météorologiques, étanche jusqu'à 15 mètres, résistant aux chutes jusqu'à 2 mètres et à l'écrasement jusqu'à 100kg. Le nouveau TG-6 n'offre pas seulement l'expérience d'Olympus en matière de compacts tout-terrain, vous bénéficiez également d'un système de capteurs d'information, de la capacité à capturer les plus petits détails et les plus belles couleurs avec une qualité impressionnante, mais aussi de nombreuses améliorations et de nouvelles caractéristiques. Les points forts incluent de nouveaux modes sous-marins, des options photo macro plus polyvalentes ainsi qu'un écran avec une résolution améliorée.

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4,4 sur 5 étoiles
4,4 sur 5
489 évaluations

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5,0 sur 5 étoiles Still better than a Smartphone
Commenté au Royaume-Uni 🇬🇧 le 21 octobre 2022
Style: UniqueCouleur: NoirAchat vérifié
5 personnes ont trouvé cela utile
5,0 sur 5 étoiles Go-anywhere tough rugged camera with the best performance of all the waterproof cameras I've used
Commenté au Royaume-Uni 🇬🇧 le 10 septembre 2019
Style: UniqueCouleur: NoirCommentaire client Vine (Club des Testeurs) sur un produit gratuit( Qu'est-ce que c'est ? )
Image client
5,0 sur 5 étoiles Go-anywhere tough rugged camera with the best performance of all the waterproof cameras I've used
Commenté au Royaume-Uni 🇬🇧 le 10 septembre 2019
I am a keen amateur photographer who also undertakes some professional work With my largely outdoor, often off-grid, lifestyle I rely on rugged waterproof cameras and have used several including this Olympus TG6 and its predecessor the TG5 along with the earlier Panasonic FT3, FT5, FT30 plus Nikon W300 and have observed the strengths and weaknesses of each.

This new Olympus TG6 offers excellent photo quality and, in comparison with other waterproof cameras above, this and the earlier TG5 have the best overall photo quality in terms of clarity, colour balance, lack of purple fringing or pixelation in all outdoor conditions tested. Performance is also by the far the best for still images with fast and accurate focusing, no noticeable shutter lag and burst modes are speedy with up to 20 FPS and no buffering.

The TG-6's many strengths:

The TG6 (and TG5) has a first-rate macro facility described as a 'microscope' and it really can pick out details which the naked eye can't see, eg individual grains of pollen on a flower. Also, the TG6 has now introduced this mode within the underwater photo menu so for divers enjoying clear water conditions, it should be possible to obtain superb macro shots of underwater vegetation. The other main improvement over the earlier TG5 is the vastly improved monitor display.

With its many options, it is not the most intuitive camera to users not familiar with Olympus cameras but if offers the widest range of settings of any compact camera I've used. I also have the Nikon W300 waterproof camera which is very restrictive in comparison, eg there is only one resolution option for 16:9 or 1:1 aspect ratios on the Nikon whereas on the Olympus photos can be taken at any resolution in any aspect ration, ie 1:1, 16:9, 3:2 or 4:3. Favourite settings can be stored within two 'custom' modes ie C1 and C2 which are quickly accessible via the rear mode dial button. However, most of the settings are not covered by the enclosed 'Basic Manual' and it is worth downloaded a full user manual from the Olympus website in order to learn the camera's full capabilities and options which are extensive and even now, following 3 weeks of daily use, each time I peruse the Menus I keep finding additional settings.

The TG6's (and TG5's) self timer is the best I've used on any camera and is highly customisable with a timer which can be set up to 30 seconds to take up to 10 shots also at a customisable delay up to 3 seconds between each shot. I was also impressed to note that the self-timer also works with the flash activated which is rare amongst compact cameras and many can't recharge their flash between shots but Olympus achieve this spectacularly. Selfie-fans will really appreciate this!

The TG6 has an excellent range of 40 artistic and usable filters to add effects eg 'dramatic art' can add a black thundery sky to a cloudy shot giving it more impact or a 'pop' filter can boost saturation and contrast levels to emphasise the fluffiness of white clouds set in an (enhanced) deep blue sky. I have uploaded illustrative shots of the same subject taken with different filters to show just a few from the range. There are also many options to be creative but you really do need to invest some time in getting to know the settings in order to fully benefit from the wide array of options in addition to the additional modes found within the main shooting modes. It is also possible to tweak photos a little on playback but not to the same extent as is possible on the Nikon W300. However, there are no manual settings other than the option to choose between three aperture settings (F2, F2.8 or F8) in the 'A' mode but no options to manipulate the shutter speed eg when shooting waterfalls or running water.

Build quality is unbeatable with a chunky aluminium body. At 11x3x3.5cm it is a little larger then other waterproof compacts. I am less keen on the protruding lens which feels vulnerable and really needs a lens cap. However, Olympus produce a threaded conversion ring (40.5mm) designed for adding supplementary close-up and wide-angle lenses to the TG5 and TG6, (a feature not available on other waterproof compacts, and for the TG6 there is also a lens cap accessory. However, this is priced at £30-£40 which I feel is excessive and would prefer Olympus to either build a lens cap or lens protection into the design of the lens on the camera, or supply the lens protection with the camera rather than as an expensive accessory.

The camera uses the LI-92B battery for which non-Olympus copies are available at a low price.

While landlocked away from the coast, I tested its waterproof qualities on a kayaking holiday in the Brecon Beacons dropping it tentatively into Llangorse Lake then into the murk of the Monmouth-Brecon Canal and trailed it along. Both the USB/HDMI connection and combined SD card/battery compartments remained completely dry with not even a spot of water entering. Both compartments are secured by double-locks which have to be closed/opened in sequence for safety. Photo quality wasn't outstanding from these muddy water conditions but I know from testing the earlier Olympus TG-5 off the coast in northern Scotland that underwater photo quality is amongst the best so I have no doubts that it will be from this later model too, particularly as it has the new additional underwater modes which I look forward to testing thoroughly on my next visit.

Importantly for a rugged camera designed for year-round outdoor use, it is comfortable to operate even with cold wet hands or while wearing gloves and the zoom is easy to trigger. Modes are selected via the dial on the rear while individual settings within the modes are selected by pressing the 'OK' button to quickly access individual controls for white balance, aspect ratio, size, focus mode (auto or manual), and any effects filters.

Transferring photos to a phone or tablet works well via the Olympus app which connects reliably and photos can be selected individually and downloaded into either phone/tablet memory or an SD card (not all apps on other cameras allow download to an SD card).

Other features include a handy compass with clock and temperature readout simply by pressing the INFO button when the camera is switched off.

Minor weaknesses:

The TG6 strengths excel and vastly outnumber its few minor weaknesses which include the vulnerable lens.

The TG6's standard HD video (ie non-4K) isn't the best. Focus isn't always accurate and is prone to too much focus wander when filming moving subjects or when panning. Although audio is good, I noticed the whirr from the zoom motor had been picked up on some recordings (see sample video). Also, unlike the Nikon W300, there is no pause facility while filming. I haven't been able to fully and thoroughly test the 4K video because I don't yet have any 4K playback facilities. Based on limited tests, the Nikon 300 and Panasonic FT range produce greater quality video with good audio and minimal focus wander.

The only other weakness I've found is the panorama mode which shows target spots to pan to on the monitor screen but it stitches together images poorly with the joins being very visible - see my sample shots. Here the Nikon W300 and earlier Panasonic FT3 and FT5 greatly outshine the Olympus.

The Olympus TG-6 camera is the least intuitive of the waterproof compacts I have used but it is also the most versatile and customisable in terms of settings. The earlier Panasonic FT range are very simple, produce excellent video and audio with the option of a filming lamp while the Nikon W300's video is also excellent and has a filming lamp and offers 4K video.

Which is best?

The Nikon W300 is quicker for the user to get to grips with, particularly for a novice but the Nikon does not offer such flexible settings and the more advanced user may miss those. I do - I don't like only being able to shoot 16:9 ratio at 12MPX; it feels dated and I'm forced to use 4:3 for most pics at a lower resolution.

For a casual first-time user, the TG6 is a very good camera with many options to grow with, although the Nikon W300 will probably be quicker to learn to use all its features to the full.
However, for a more experienced user looking for an all-rounder camera for still shots, excellent still picture quality which is probably the best available on any current waterproof compact camera, this is the one to choose and those who like to extensively edit photos will also appreciate the RAW mode.

I bought my TG5 last year following the failure of an earlier camera and it very quickly became my favourite. Now this is being superceded by the TG6 which I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a sophisticated, rugged camera for outdoor use in all conditions.
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5,0 sur 5 étoiles Solid underwater / beach camera
Commenté au Royaume-Uni 🇬🇧 le 9 mars 2022
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4,0 sur 5 étoiles 虫にて使えます
Commenté au Japon 🇯🇵 le 2 septembre 2019
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4,0 sur 5 étoiles 虫にて使えます
Commenté au Japon 🇯🇵 le 2 septembre 2019








「640x360(SD) / 480fps」


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Amazon Customer
1,0 sur 5 étoiles Terrible
Commenté au Royaume-Uni 🇬🇧 le 4 novembre 2019
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